Heat Sensitive Materials and Horizontal Boring Mills: A Perfect Match

Heat Sensitive Materials and Horizontal Boring Mills: A Perfect Match

When it comes to industrial equipment, there are three things that take precedence above all else: precision, efficiency, and durability. Whether you’re using horizontal boring mills or other boring equipment, superior operations cannot take place in lieu of one of these.


The principles above are what reliable manufacturers like FERMAT machinery aim to consistently meet with any of their products.


While manufacturing quality is pivotal in the success of your operations, utilizing the following heat-sensitive materials with your boring equipment can give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition:


Silicone Rubber

This robust material is ideal for external use as it is a polymer that exhibits resistance to cold and heat through a wide array of temperatures (-55 to 300°C). To add to their utility, silicone rubber will not deform from the mechanical force produced by horizontal boring mills during the boring process, unlike laser or electric-based cutting tools.


Vinyl Siding

Showing usage in both commercial and residential construction, vinyl is renowned for being a sturdy material with a high thermal resistance. They are particularly suitable for boring mills compared to laser or electric cutters as heat emissions on a boring mill do not exceed 260°C – a temperature above the melting point of vinyl that will cause deformation.


‘Smart’ Materials

The pervasive use of new “intelligent” and “responsive” materials are providing trailblazing results for projects that are housed within the construction industry. While materials such as shape memory material, electroactive polymers, magnetostrictive materials, and others are sensitive to high temperature boring equipment, they inadvertently become great candidates for horizontal boring mills due to their relatively low heat emission.


Unbeatable Accuracy Starts with Unbeatable Boring Mills…

Stringent expectations for industrial projects continue to grow. These expectations are being met by clients not only in Canada, but worldwide through the best equipment available on the market. The industry standard for this equipment has always been synonymous with FERMAT machinery due to their unrelenting precision, efficiency, and durability.

At TOS America, we’ve been honored to be FERMAT’s exclusive importer in Canada, providing our clients with a hassle free experience with their purchase. Looking to source one of your own? Then get in touch to learn more!

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