High Quality and Precision Boring Milling Machines

High Quality and Precision Boring Milling Machines

When you are running a business that heavily relies on effective use of boring mills machines, you do not want to sacrifice on quality. TOS America completely understands that your profitability is dependent on the equipment you use. This is why we always aim to exceed your expectations each time you work with us by putting quality on top of our priority. We only adhere to the highest quality assurance standards and reject equipment that is of subpar quality.

We partner with one of the best manufacturers of boring machines, FERMAT Machinery, to supply you high quality and precision equipment.

You can choose among the wide selection of our boring milling machines. Here are some of them explained in details.



This category represents the latest technology of table type horizontal borers with its powerful headstock, high axial forces and very precise table. The machine can meet the needs of even the most demanding applications. WFT 13 CNC has a modern design which allows for efficient machining of massive and bulky work pieces while still operating at high precision and quality. It offers 4 linear and 1 rotary axis travel. During operation, the work piece is being clamped on a rotary table travelling in X-axis while the column of the machine follows the Z-axis movement. WFT 13 is equipped with amazing features such as Heidenheimer linear scales, rigid column, standard spindle thermal monitoring system, and non-slip rotary table. All of them contribute to the high degree of accuracy and rigidity of these boring milling machines.


WRFT 130/150/160 CNC

This series exemplify the newest concept of large table type horizontal boring mills which are on the market. Their powerful headstock is made of a moveable live spindle (W-axis) and a moveable slide ram (V-axis). Its modular design makes it one of the universal boring milling machines for efficient processing of huge and heavy work pieces. The WRFT 150 model provides 6 axes travel with additional optional accessories, making it possible to increase the number of controlled axes. The CNC rotary table with sizes from 2,050 to 3,000 mm can massive work pieces of up to 50,000 kg.


Portable WRF 130 CNC

This category permits easy transfer of the machine outside to where it is needed. It is perfect in machining huge components that cannot be easily transported such as parts for the construction of large energy plants, ships and the like. The coolant and power cables come with couplings for easy and quick reconnection. The balancing and anchoring of the machine is done in a way that facilitates the geometric alignment in place. Being portable, it is equipped with both a vertically and horizontally moveable operator’s enclosure. Its capabilities can further be enhanced by the use of accessories offered for this type of machine.

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