Horizontal Boring Equipment: The Floor And Table Type

April 18, 2023
Horizontal Boring Equipment: The Floor And Table Type

Horizontal boring equipment is a powerful tool that can create large-diameter boreholes in heavy materials. It's commonly used in the manufacturing industry to produce precise and accurate bores, especially for larger components like turbines, engines, and hydraulic cylinders. Unlike vertical drilling machines, horizontal boring equipment allows you to drill horizontally into a workpiece. 


This makes it ideal for creating complex geometries or drilling at specific angles. Additionally, horizontal boring equipment has a more robust structure than other types of drills since it needs to support the weight and force required for making bigger holes. It is an essential part of any industrial or manufacturing operation. There are two types of horizontal boring equipment: floor type and table type. In this blog post, we'll explore the differences between these two machines, their unique features, applications, and more.

Distinguishing between the floor and table-type horizontal boring equipment


The floor-type horizontal boring machine stands on the ground while a table-type is mounted on a base. The former has larger dimensions compared to the latter because it needs to accommodate more massive workpieces.


Floor-type machines have longer tables that move up or down vertically along with their spindle head. On the other hand, table-type machines' tables only move horizontally while their spindles move vertically toward them.


When it comes to movement, floor-type machines can handle larger workpieces but at a lower speed as it requires more power since it moves both horizontally and vertically at once. Meanwhile, table-type machines are faster and recommended for smaller workpieces due to their limited vertical travel distance.

Knowing these differences between the floor and table-type horizontal boring equipment will help you determine which one suits your specific application best. TOS America Inc. is an experienced and trusted supplier of horizontal boring mills. Contact us today!