The Types of Horizontal Boring Equipment

The Types of Horizontal Boring Equipment

An indispensable addition to manufacturing companies, horizontal boring equipment is a series of powerful tools designed to enlarge drilled holes or cut tapered holes. This type of equipment is used in a variety of industries including construction, locomotives, plants and more. Horizontal boring equipment is a machine which bores holes in a horizontal direction.

There are three types of horizontal boring equipment - the table, planer and floor.

  • The table is the most versatile type of horizontal boring equipment. It is also called the universal type since it is used in a wide variety of processes.

  • The planer uses linear relative motion between the work piece and the cutting tool to complete the task. In one pass, this equipment can remove large amounts of material with high accuracy.

  • The third type of horizontal boring equipment is the floor type. This equipment features a work spindle which sits parallel to the floor.

Getting the right type of horizontal boring equipment for your company or business must depend on your company's use. Generally, horizontal boring mills safer to use compared to their vertical counterparts. Vertical boring mills are easier to control compared to the horizontal boring mills since they offer easy visibility though they are both very helpful and will improve your business efficiency and enhance the product quality.

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