Horizontal Boring Mill for the Trucking and Mining Industry

 Fermat Machinery, based in the Czech Republic, has increased the number of Fermat horizontal boring mills being utilized by heavy machinery producers. A WRF 130 CNC DUO Fermat machine was purchased by Belarusian Autoworks, a heavy-duty mining dump trucks producer.

"Two years ago, BelAZ was interested in an unusual floor type boring mill design with ram travel as well as spindle travel," said a company spokesperson. "Growing production, new technological advances within the industry and an increase in customer demand are just a few reasons BelAZ needed to increase production by adding new machinery that could give them a competitive edge within their industry.
"BelAZ placed an order with Fermat because it was the only company that was able to produce a machine of such high standards while still offering value and the competitive edge BelAZ was looking for.
"The WRF 130 CNC, a floor type boring mill, is a 5" diameter spindle model machine within Fermat's WRF series. The WRF machines have a powerful machining capacity that can handle heavy workpieces for the energy, shipping, transportation, oil and gas or rigging industries.
"WRF 130 DUO is a unique machine set-up for Fermat where twin opposing WRF 130 machines are arranged with the work area in between them. WRF 130 DUO has a round CNC rotary table with a diameter of 2,000 mm and clamping plate area. Both machines have X-axis travel of 10,500 mm and Y-axis movement of 2,500 mm. It comes with two automatic milling heads, universal UHA 30 and right angle PHA 37, along with pick-up stations for the heads.
"The most convenient factor for BelAZ company is that both machines can be operated using a single CNC operating panel from Siemens. This unique, sophisticated solution of sharing working areas was developed by Fermat working in unison with Siemens."

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