Horizontal Boring Mill Productivity

Horizontal Boring Mill Productivity


Achieving large-scale designs using horizontal boring equipment is a time-consuming process, but that shouldn’t mean it should have to diminish productivity. Multi-tasking is achievable when using boring mill equipment especially when it comes to its many components. Boring, milling, drilling, and threading are all possible to achieve if your boring machine is well-equipped with the relevant machine components.


Today we’ll discuss 5 technologies horizontal boring equipment makes use of in order to improve processing productivity.


CNC Controls

The evolution of CNC technology has effectively improved almost every process within the supply chain when it comes to horizontal boring mills. Powerful processors and improved data flow have allowed for decreased processing times, increased accuracy – eliminating the need to re-work.


Roller Linear Guideways

Roller linear guideways ensure quick movement with less force in order to position the machine’s axis. Linear guideways allow for improved accuracy when it comes to positioning, while also using less overall energy.


Rotary Tables

Rotary tables are used in applications that require work piece machining on multiple sides. Rotary tables allow for increased efficiency in their ability to perform work on the work piece without having to switch out tables.


Cutting Tools

Cutting tools play a fundamental role in conducting the work of horizontal boring equipment. Innovation in cutting technology have allowed for improved spindle speed – which aids in the removal of chips more easily. Due to the sheer size of boring mills, chip removal is not the easiest task. But controlling chip size has helped in the long run.


Machine Probing

Utilizing on-machine probing for measurement offers a myriad of benefits, including reducing scrap rate, and opportunities for re-work – both of which contribute to the overall processing time. Measuring a work piece or part component using the machine can serve to reduce overall downtime and the potential for accuracy errors to occur due to mishandling.

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