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We provide refurbishing services for all our horizontal boring mills and other milling equipment. Modernization, routine repairs and customer service are all part of our post-sale care. Modernization is one of the most essential elements of any refurbishment. New models of horizontal boring mills and other mills are coming out every day. These updated designs are more efficient, effective, and safer. TOS America is dedicated to maintaining an updated factory floor or workspace. Because of this, our team doesn’t just repair your horizontal boring mills – we upgrade them too.

Using our specialized equipment and modern, advanced parts and accessories, we bring your old milling machines to the next level. Our service also extends to repairing your equipment and conducting preventative maintenance on it that allows you to maintain the machines at their optimum operational efficiency.

Our service includes:

* WD 160 CNC type 2010 - on the basis of well proven boring milling machine series WD being produced by Skoda we make a machine with progressive parameters enabling clients to use the latest and greatest technology for their cutting operations.


* MODERNIZATION - complete modernization of old horizontal boring mills and other types of milling machines. TOS America uses state of the art technology to upgrade machines and improve their usage results according to customer specifications. Application of control systems, drives and feeds SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN, MEFI Praha and others is conducted according to contract with the customer.


* GENERAL REPAIRS - general repairs of machine, mechanical and electrical parts. This includes complete overhauls or on-the-spot repairs. Delays in operations are minimized where possible.


* SERVICE - customer service, spare parts delivery for mills. We supply high end spare parts on-site for customers who require such parts to either upgrade or repair their machines.  


* MILLING HEADS IFW - general, medium and routine repairs of Milling Heads IFW, supply of new Milling Heads IFW

Refurbishing Service