Horizontal vs. Vertical: The Differences Between These Types of Boring Mills

Horizontal vs. Vertical: The Differences Between These Types of Boring Mills

A range of milling machines are manufactured to suit operations of a variety of facilities or to perform specific applications. Two major types of milling machines are vertical and horizontal boring mills. The most significant difference between these two machines is that a vertical mill has its spindle, or cutting head, oriented vertically, while a horizontal mill has its spindle oriented horizontally. All other differences between vertical and horizontal boring mills arise from their spindle orientation. Here is a breakdown of the differences between horizontal boring equipment and vertical boring equipment, and the unique benefits each provides.


Vertical Boring Machines

Vertical boring mills can be further broken down into two subcategories: the turret mill and the bed mill. In the turret mill, the spindle remains fixed while the bed, which is the surface on which the workpiece rests, moves either horizontally or vertically. The restriction of bed movement along only two axes limits this mill to working with smaller pieces. The bed mill is even more restricted than the turret mill because its bed can only move along the horizontal axis; however, the spindle can move up or down its vertical axis to accommodate pieces of different shapes and sizes. Here are the benefits of vertical boring mills:


  • Ideal for processing pieces from a single side, such as metal plates
  • Easier to operate due to their simple construction
  • More affordable than horizontal boring mills


Horizontal Boring Machines

Horizontal boring mills do not have fixed spindles; they have cutting heads that function like circular saws instead. A horizontal mill can have multiple saws installed along its length for more efficient processing. Some types of horizontal mills have rotating beds, which allows for milling at different angles. Here are the benefits of working with horizontal boring equipment:


  • Ideal for creating slots or cutting grooves
  • Can process pieces from multiple sides
  • Can handle large pieces made of heavy materials


At TOS America Inc., we have extensive experience in importing and supplying both vertical and horizontal boring equipment. We understand that high-quality boring equipment improves the efficiency of your facility operations; as such, we aim to use our industrial connections to provide you with the best machinery options. Contact us today for expertise on finding the right boring mill for your needs!

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