3 Tips to Choose The Right Horizontal Boring Mill for your Business

3 Tips to Choose The Right Horizontal Boring Mill for your Business

Horizontal boring mills are a popular choice in industrial and manufacturing operations. These machines are capable of enlarging a hole that has already been drilled by another tool. They are very precise and efficient, making them a popular choice. With so many types and brands of boring mills, you might wonder which one is right for you. However, choosing the perfect horizontal boring mills for your business is easy if you know what you’re looking for. That’s where we can help you out.

In today’s post, we’ll give you some essential things to consider when choosing a horizontal boring mill:



Boring mils come in a range of sizes to suit different manufacturing needs. As an example, Fermat’s Horizontal Boring Mill WFT 13 CNC is a table type boring mill that has a powerful headstock, high axial forces and most precise table in its category. It is an excellent option for many manufacturing operations.

If you are looking for a similar level of precision and quality but need a machine with a smaller size, Fermat’s WFC 10 CNC is a great option. This machine is a table type boring mill with boring diameter 100 mm (4”).   It is a smaller version of the WFC 13. These are just two examples from our broad range of boring mill sizes.

As you are making your purchase, your staff at TOS America Inc. help you choose which size is a great fit for you.



You want a mill that can fit in your facility, so consider the shape as well as the size. For example, our WFT 13 CNC machine is produced in a “T” shape, providing higher rigidity of the machine. This makes it possible to reach higher efficiency and complete bigger work pieces.



Since boring mills vary in size and shape, they naturally also vary in price. Before you choose a boring mill, know your budget. This way, you can narrow down what your options are. Once you know your budget, our staff can help you decide which machine is a good fit.


For decades, Fermat Machinery of Czech Republic has been manufacturing high-quality table type and floor type of horizontal boring mills that changed the world of metal fabrication. In fact, Fermat was invited to attend at AMB’s international metalworking exhibit and featured its WFT 13 CNC table type boring milling machine last September 18-22, 2018 at Stuttgart, Germany.

Here in Canada, TOS America has been the trusted partner of Fermat Machinery to offer the best horizontal boring mills in the country. So, if you’re looking for the right horizontal boring mill for your business, you know where to look for. Give us a call, and we are happy to help.


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