How to Get the Right Vertical Boring Mills For Your Applications

How to Get the Right Vertical Boring Mills For Your Applications

Various boring solutions are created to address different boring requirements. Though vertical boring mills are not as popular as their horizontal counterparts, there are many applications where they are more ideal and practical to use. The milling tasks they perform demand heavier feeds and speeds. Their use allows for creating holes with the maximum precision required for various fabrication processes.


Vertical boring mills look like vertical turret lathes because of its two major tool heads. Their cutting component is stationary but with a rotational horizontal table. The holes that this machine can bore depend on the size of the tool head, ranging from 30cm in diameter up to 1m. These mills are perfect for heavy-duty projects with challenging diameter requirements. The cuttings are done with single-point tools. Essential to the quality of holes is knowing which type of vertical boring mill you need to choose.  


Here are some factors that can help you choose the right vertical boring mills for your applications:


Type: a vertical boring machine is classified into two major types - the table and floor type. The table type vertical mill is great for boring small to medium-sized holes, while the floor type is ideal for bigger-sized holes.


Automation: this feature is excellent for achieving higher levels of efficiency and accuracy. CNC vertical boring mills, in particular, provide high precision holes with perfectly identical sizes and shapes.


Accessories: in terms of boosting performance, utilizing the right accessories and parts is essential. Work with a reliable supplier to ensure you have access to spare parts whenever needed.


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