How to Improve the Efficiency of your Horizontal Boring Mills

July 24, 2019

Horizontal boring mills are an important part of many industrial and manufacturing facilities. These mills are built to last, being very dependable and durable. With that said, have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do to improve the efficiency of your horizontal boring mills? Since the time you first acquired your mill, your business needs may have changed, such as requiring much quicker turnaround times.

In today’s post, we share how certain technologies can help dramatically improve your horizontal boring mills.

 Automatic Tool Changer

The main parts of an automatic tool changer include the base, the tool holder, the gripper arm, the tool magazine, and the tool arm. An automatic tool changer allows the boring machine to work with many tools without a human operator.

When it receives the change tool command, the tool to be changed assumes what is called the tool change position. The tool arm has two grippers one on each side.  One gripper will pick up the old tool from the turret while the other gripper will get the new tool from the tool magazine. The arm then rotates 180° and positions the tools in their right places. The newly positioned tool will now continue the job.

 Milling Head Pick-Up and Exchange

If you need different milling heads for your workpiece, consider using a pick-up and exchange tool. This allows users to quickly exchange a milling head without the need for adjustment. This tool is great for automatic machining cycles, increasing productivity.

Automatic Pallet Changer System (APC)

It can be inconvenient to unload a large and heavy workpiece from your machine. Luckily, an automatic pallet changer system only takes 100 seconds to change pallets. A shifting slide moves the present pallet and unloads it, and then loads the new pallet.

You need the right accessories to improve the efficiency of your horizontal boring mills and increase productivity. TOS America, the distributer of Fermat horizontal boring equipment here in Canada, offers the most innovative accessories for your horizontal boring mills. Get in touch with us to see our range of popular products.