How To Keep Boring Mills Clean

How To Keep Boring Mills Clean


A machine shop is where parts and components of a wide range of tools and equipment are manufactured. Processes like cutting, drilling, shaping, and boring occur daily at machine shops. Due to the involvement of heavy machinery that is relatively expensive, it is essential to keep them and the workstation clean at all times to ensure minimal damage.


There is a lot of dirt and debris accumulated on equipment like boring mills due to the constant drilling of workpieces. Boring milling equipment can quickly drill or enlarge existing holes on a wide range of workpieces. This means there is never an absence of waste material that needs to be cleaned from the equipment.


 Keeping the boring mills clean is the first step towards ensuring their long life and optimal performance. 


 Like how preventive maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity of the boring milling equipment, keeping them clean also helps a great deal in maintaining its performance. In this blog, we discuss ways to keep boring milling machines clean.


Use an air cleaning gun: A significant amount of the dirt and debris on boring equipment are tiny particles of different materials. These particles get accumulated on the equipment when the material is removed from workpieces during the drilling process. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate the tiny particles that risk getting inside the boring tools and affecting their performance. Using an air cleaning gun is highly recommended for this purpose.


Vacuum: Vacuuming is another excellent method of getting rid of dirt and debris from the slots and gaps of milling machines. Using an industrial vacuum with tiny nozzles is the way to have spotless boring milling equipment.


Cleaners and degreasers: Due to the use of various oils and lubricants in large amounts, it is common to find tough stains on the machining tools. To get rid of them, using branded degreasers and cleaners is ideal. Please read the instruction manual or contact the boring equipment manufacturers before using a particular degreaser to ensure it is safe.

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