FERMATís new fixed-column Gantry; top-quality power and precision, at a very affordable price

 Looking for a brand-new, solid, powerful and precise gantry at a very affordable price?  We have the machine for you.  Without compromising quality, FERMAT has manufactured an economical version, one with fixed columns and a movable bed shifting the workpiece along the X axis, toward and away from the milling head.  The headstock travels crosswise along the Y axis, while the ram extends downward or retracts upward along the Z axis.

There are sizeable cost benefits from FERMAT’s new design.  First, the massive stationary columns with fewer components drop construction costs; second, the machine’s simpler, more streamlined design requires a smaller foundation for optimal stabilization.  The columns and crossrail combination, which is extremely sturdy and rigid, is a special FERMAT innovation.  You can’t get it anywhere else.

The headstock is a variation of the one used in FERMAT’s WRF Mill and exhibits all its benefits of outstanding balance, power and precision.  And, it’s outfitted with FERMAT’s own stepless universal automatic milling head, which allows for excellent, highly-precise milling and machining inside and outside the workpiece, rotating on 2 axes.

Adding even more efficiency is the gantry’s time-saving KUKA robotic tool changer, which tirelessly goes through the motions, day in, day out, without a coffee break.  No downtime, no lost production.

The new gantry’s parameters are the following.

  • X axis (longitudinal) = 5.2 meters
  • Y axis (cross travel) = 3.9 meters
  • Z axis (ram travel) = 1.55 meters

This particular machine is bound for Bulgaria, into the waiting arms of a customer who already owns several FERMAT horizontal boring mills.  He is more than pleased to add FERMAT’s gantry to his burgeoning collection.

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