Importance of Horizontal Boring Equipment in Fabrication

Importance of Horizontal Boring Equipment in Fabrication

There is very little to no scope for error in the fabrication industry. As a result, fabricators rely on the highest quality equipment to achieve precision. The horizontal boring mill is one such piece of equipment used for fabrication. This type of boring equipment is usually used in heavy industries because they are ideal for larger workpieces. In horizontal boring equipment, the workpiece remains stationary, and the tool turns.

Benefits of horizontal boring equipment

Getting horizontal boring mills from the best manufacturers like FERMAT can help your fabrication business exponentially. The durability of FERMAT boring mills ensures that you don't waste money on unnecessary maintenance.

Thanks to their build quality, you will rarely face any downtime, ensuring the smooth functioning of your fabrication business. With the help of horizontal boring equipment, you can rough out larger components for various industries with high accuracy.

An experienced operator can run horizontal boring mills to drill holes at different angles. There are mainly three types of horizontal boring equipment. They are as follows:


  • Table type: This horizontal boring mill is also known as the universal type. They are widely used across industries because of their versatility and ease of use.
  • Planer type: The main difference between the planer type and the table type horizontal mills is that the former offers more rigidity. The cross rail of a planer-type boring mill can be raised or lowered depending on the size of the workpiece.
  • Floor type: Modern CNC-controlled floor type boring equipment can offer multi-sided machining. The accuracy provided in this type of horizontal boring mill is unmatched.


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