Learn About Your Options for Boring Mills

Learn About Your Options for Boring Mills

At TOS America, we are an exclusive distributor of high-grade European industrial boring mills in Canada. We promise to deliver the best horizontal and vertical boring mill equipment. The FERMAT boring mills we distribute are manufactured in the Czech Republic. We guarantee their strength, durability, precision, and accuracy.


For over five decades, we have delivered the best horizontal and vertical boring equipment to our valued clients. We have the highest quality equipment that can handle multiple applications in a variety of industries.


At TOS America, we are proud distributors of FERMAT horizontal and vertical boring mills and equipment!


What Are Your Options for Boring Mills?


We understand the importance of high-quality equipment for your business. We offer products and services that suit your expectations to help meet your goals. At TOS America, we give maximum leverage in order to make your business and your next manufacturing project a huge success.


Here are our two popular options for boring milling equipment:


-          Horizontal Boring Mill: Our horizontal machine is a stationary and stable boring mill compared to a vertical boring mill. In a horizontal machine, the work piece turns in order to properly bore holes. Additionally, the work piece shape will determine whether a horizontal or a vertical boring mill machine should be used. Moreover, you can have more versatility when you use a horizontal mill.

-          Vertical Boring Mill: This is a large type of boring machine that has a rotating work piece that is fastened to a table which is set horizontal. It also has a tool that can traverse movement. A vertical mill offers fewer advantages compared to the horizontal boring mill.


At TOS America, we distribute high-quality horizontal and vertical boring milling equipment. The boring mills we distribute are the best across the nation. In fact, we are proud sellers of boring equipment and parts for our equipment. We value quality, precision, and accuracy above all else. Call or email us today to discuss your goals and how our products and services can help you achieve them!

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