List of Vertical Boring Mills From TOS America

List of Vertical Boring Mills From TOS America

The number of machine shops and industries that rely on boring milling equipment is constantly increasing. Those who have not already switched to CNC boring mills are also considering doing so because of the advantages that these mills offer.

Horizontal and vertical are the two major types of mills that various industries rely on. The significant difference between both mills is the orientation of the spindle.  

Due to their simple construction, vertical boring mills are easier to use compared to their horizontal counterparts. TOS America is a trusted supplier of different models of vertical boring equipment.

Here are some vertical mills supplied by TOS



This is one of the most popular vertical mills among industries owing to its many significant features. One of the distinct features of this mill is that the headstock is equipped with a stationary spindle. The headstock provides an adjustable mounting platform facilitating the attachment of automatic angle heads and faceplates.

WRF 130 Portable

WRF 130 Portable is the perfect machine if you are looking for a vertical mill that can be easily moved according to your convenience. The lifting rod at the top of this machine helps in moving it to your desired location. With the help of accessories, you can enhance the technological possibilities of the machine to fit your industrial applications.

WRF 150/160 Tilting Headstock Specialty Machine

This extraordinary vertical boring equipment offers the following benefits:

  • Perfect for the machining of windmill hubs
  • Relatively cheaper making it cost-effective
  • The tilting mechanism is seated at a cross-bearing making the performance ideal
  • The Heidenhain scale ensures direct measurement of the angle
  • Main motor output of 37 – 60 kW enables better performance

Apart from these brand new ones, a wide range of used boring mills is also supplied by TOS America. These mills are as good as new and are ideal for those who aren't looking to make significant investments in boring mills. Contact us today to learn about our wide range of products.

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