Market Trends for Vertical and Horizontal Boring Mills

Market Trends for Vertical and Horizontal Boring Mills

Boring mills make up a large part of the industrial marketplace that produce detailed products for manufactured equipment. The rise in sales of vertical and horizontal boring mills is due to the increase of companies in the industrial and manufacturing sector.


Quality and low variance are the targets of most industries in the preparation of all the components of their products. To be competitive in the market, industrial companies need to raise the standards of their outputs and create goods and items that ensure accuracy and precision in every product.


At TOS America, we are the industry leaders in distributing vertical and horizontal boring mills.


Horizontal Boring Mills


Most businesses purchase table-style horizontal mills to be used as a part of their core production system. They aim to be as detailed and intricate as possible when producing bores in equipment. If you get high-quality horizontal boring equipment, you can be assured of an increase in efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.


At TOS America, we are a popular supplier of horizontal boring equipment that caters to a wide variety of industries. We have a wide selection of models depending on your boring mill needs. One of our units is the WRFT 160 CNC. This machine utilizes the latest boring technology. It had a movable spindle and slide ram for easier adjustments.


Vertical Boring Mills


If you are in the business for vertical boring mills, we had a great selection at TOS America. Vertical boring equipment is ideal in a variety of industries, and have functions that make it more practical than the horizontal boring mill. WRF 130 Portable machine is a vertical boring mill that is moveable and easy to transfer. This machine is capable of on-site manufacturing.


If you are in the market for vertical or horizontal boring mills, come visit us at TOS America. We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of boring equipment and solutions. Call or email us today to learn more about our products and services!

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