No More Second-Guessing If You Need to Replace Horizontal Boring Equipment

No More Second-Guessing If You Need to Replace Horizontal Boring Equipment
Horizontal boring equipment is the lifeblood of metal fabrication and processing companies. This isn’t mere hyperbole, in fact, companies like these continue to invest a great deal on equipment like this that they expect to last for a substantial period of time.
Unfortunately, even the best equipment that money can buy will need to be put out of service at some point, especially if they become more of a liability than a productive part of your company. Here are three signs not to ignore that it's time to replace this equipment so as to avoid operational disruption. 
Abnormally Loud Noise 
Personnel often comment on your horizontal boring equipment noise levels when its motor starts up, and when they compare it to other units, it has a distinctly higher level of noise when drilling. This situation sound familiar? If yes, then it might be straining its motors unnecessarily due to a number of technical factors that warrants a visit from reliable maintenance technicians. By carrying through with this, you can avoid further damage and ascertain whether possible unit repair or replacement is required.
Failure to Deliver Accurate Drilling and Precision 
Advanced horizontal boring equipment will deliver consistent drilling results with full accuracy each time; however, if it fails to deliver the same productivity you’ve come to expect and it has been in use for decades, then you’re only serving to jeopardize your efficiency by not having the unit replaced as soon as possible. While drill calibration, parts replacements, and continuous maintenance certainly have their place in extending equipment service life, it doesn’t dispel the looming prospect that an aging unit will soon become an expensive, long-term liability.
Productivity at an All Time Low
Units that have become reliant on troubleshooting from your own personnel require maintenance technicians from distributors such as TOS America in order to keep your productivity levels from waning. What you need to watch out for, however, is if technicians have rendered sufficient repairs yet the unit keeps breaking down frequently, then this is a clear sign it is in need of immediate replacement.
Replace Your Problematic Equipment With an Unproblematic Supplier
Czech-made FERMAT horizontal boring equipment is sure to deliver total accuracy and precision with each operation. Not only this, but you’ll rest easy knowing that long serving units like these pay for themselves as the bare minimum of regular, in-house maintenance is needed. 
So don’t wait about, unlock the full potential of your facility by replacing your worn-down unit with FERMAT products. TOS America has been supplying Canada's large-scale industries with FERMAT machinery for decades - learn more about what we can do by getting in touch with one of our representatives!

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