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Boring milling machines are basically large machines, usually used in large industries in the hole-making process. It is basically the process if drilling holes on large pieces or materials with the use of a single point cutting tool, attached to the machine.


The high reputation of boring milling machines was established for very reliable high quality products and machines. We have a variety of boring mills of both horizontal and vertical types. We are sure to provide you with the best boring mills of the highest quality and durability.


Our variety store


We have a wide variety of table type, horizontal type, and vertical type boring milling machines. We have been using advanced technologies to power up belts and rollers. We have boring mills of different sizes.


WFC 10 CNC series

Our WFC 10 CNC is the smallest boring mill and it is a table type boring mill with a small boring mill diameter of 100mm. This is our best selling product since this is the most competitive machinery in the market. This particular item provides much higher torque than all the other boring mills in the market nowadays. This item is attached to a fixed base which makes it more stable for much work.


The WFC 13 CNC series

The WFC 10 CNC is known to be a smaller version of the widely known WFC 13 CNC. This item is a horizontal boring mill, most likely to look alike with the WFC 10 CNC. This big boy could work on bigger pieces of up to 20 tons on weight. With the high level technology used to build up this machine, it could be used for high cutting jobs and performances. All these are all too simple for the WFC 13 CNC. If you are looking for the newest technology in machinery look up to the latest trends. We also provide you with the horizontal boring mills with large type borers.


The WRFT series

The WRFT 130/150/160 CNC has a powerful headstock fit for heavy duty work. This item has a movable slide ram and a movable live spindle which are pretty much convenient on work. These features not only help you produce the best outcomes, it also helps you do the job easier and more perfectly. The WRFT 130/150/160 has this modern design that is universal to all boring mill features. It has an efficient processing of the large pieces which are obviously heavy and hard to work with. However, with the WRFT 130/150/160 CNC, the work will never be as hard as it going to be.







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