Preventive Maintenance Tips For Vertical Boring Mills

Preventive Maintenance Tips For Vertical Boring Mills

Vertical boring mills are used for large-scale industrial applications. This milling machine is capable of cutting through workpieces with relative ease. One of the significant benefits of using a vertical boring milling machine is the possibility of drilling in upward and downward directions. In addition, since the workpiece is attached firmly to the machine, you can achieve greater accuracy.

Tips for maintaining vertical boring milling machines

This type of boring mill has several moving parts. Some of the major components found in vertical mills are rotors, rams, and cross rails. These components could malfunction due to wear and tear if not maintained properly. This blog lists simple preventive maintenance tips for vertical milling machines.

Regular inspection is a must

No matter how recently you bought a boring mill, regular inspection is imperative for ensuring the machine's long life. If you do not have a trained employee for this purpose in your workshop, you can always seek the help of third-party professionals. Listening to the advice of experts added with regular inspections will help you save money and time in the long run.


Lubrication is essential in a milling machine with so many moving parts working constantly. Without adequate lubrication, friction among moving parts can cause the machine to heat up. The wear and tear due to lack of lubrication will be much higher. It is recommended to drain oil from all the chambers in the machine occasionally. Use flushing oil to clean sediment, if any, and replace it with the recommended amount of lubricant to ensure long life.

Regular cleaning

Machining shops are prone to be filled with dust and debris. Cutting and drilling a wide range of workpieces is the reason behind the accumulation of dirt. Over time, things could get out of hand if not dealt with properly. Too much dust can hinder the machine's ability to function correctly. Dusting and cleaning the vertical milling machines, both externally and internally, is essential for ensuring their long life.

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