Refining and perfecting your boring art with TOS America

TOS America offers a variety of boring milling machines of both horizontal and vertical boring tools. Following our vast experience, these items are no doubt the best of the best boring milling machines in the market. With the best technological advancements that we have been using for all their machines, they are truly the number one in the world of horizontal boring equipment.


We have different types and sizes of boring milling machines that would best fit to your needed and desired work place. Their WFC 10 CNC is a table type boring mill with a small boring mill diameter of 100mm. This is only typically used for small scale work. Although this is only used for small work pieces, there should be no need to worry about its durability. This item is constructed with the best of materials and built with box ways which could be reliable enough in terms of efficiency of work. This WFC 10 CNC is basically the small version of the WFC 13. This WFC 10 CNC is a very reliable machine with the quick and easy spindle travel of 730mm/29” and it surely has a very strong construction for it which makes it very durable. The WFC 13, on the other hand, could work on bigger pieces of up to 20 tons on weight. With the high level technology used to build up this machine, it could be used for high cutting jobs and performances.


Modern, ultra-satin and unique to your operations in horizontal boring is our super performing WFC 13 R CNC mill. The unique machine combines a HBM with ram and spindle strokes installed in the machine. It also has additional attachments on the item which makes it more efficient in work. The upgrades and additional attachments make the machine more convenient since it already has the ability to be more coordinated. Therefore, if looking for the newest technology in machinery, then check out these items. We provide you with the horizontal boring equipment with large type borers. The WRFT 130 /150/160 CNC has a powerful headstock fit for heavy duty work. These types of horizontal boring milling machines are very much relied upon in the market.


Typical boring milling machines are not as efficient and perfect as the TOS America designated products. The boring milling machines we provide are fit for heavy duty works with the use of a single point cutting tool, attached to the machine. We bore your materials to the best of our ability using the best of our items.




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