Safeguards for Operating Horizontal Boring Mills

Safeguards for Operating Horizontal Boring Mills

 If your business operation involves the use of TOS America’s vertical or horizontal boring mills, you must be fully aware of the safety hazards associated with this machine. This is, after all, a machine designed to slice through metal surfaces with surprising ease, so you definitely want to make sure that everyone involved is aware of safety considerations and can stop the machine in case of misuse or malfunction.


There are several control measures you can use to enhance the safety of your horizontal boring mills:  


  • Primary Safeguards - During machining operations, access to the work zone must be restricted by fixed or interlocking guards. If physical guards are not practical installations, alternative safety devices can be used, such as curtains or pressure-sensitive mats. This should also stop the movement of the more dangerous parts of the milling machine once the gate is opened, especially if the machine is active.
  • Braking Systems - The specific size and design characteristics of your horizontal boring mills will determine the minimum stopping performance for a braking system. The main goal of having this system, naturally, is to stop the boring machine very quickly whenever necessary. Make sure you know how powerful your machine’s brake is, and how best to use it in case of emergency.
  • Machine Controls - Machine controls such as the start button, feed, or speed selectors must be clearly visible and ideally clearly marked. The main controls should be safely positioned in a way that the operator will not be at risk when operating the machine. As well, emergency stop controls must be readily accessible and easy to find for any operator.


Preventative measures are always preferable to workplace accidents, especially when working with our horizontal boring mills! If you need to know more about the general use or the safety features of our machines, feel free to contact us today!  

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