Safety Precautions When Dealing With Boring Mills

 Handling boring mills is a complex job that requires specialist precaution aimed at protecting yourself, your colleagues, and your staff from bodily injuries. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth closing of the façade between your foreseen liability and the safety of your staff.  

Use the right tool for the right job

One of the primary causes of industrial injuries among horizontal boring mills users is broken drilling heads. This primarily occurs when the recommended tensile strength or the spindle load or speed is exceeded. By having the right tooling edge matched with the right operational spindle speed for the right work piece, the chances of industrial accidents are greatly reduced.

Always have protective clothing

When working on horizontal boring mills, there is a need to have the right protective gear on. This minimizes the chances of industrial accidents, since your body is always covered in the right clothing. For a safer operational environment, the clothing used should be tight enough to protect you from having loose hangings that can be easily trapped in the revolving mill parts. Protective optical ware should also be used at all times to protect your eyes from exposure to work piece off-cuts.

Know your machine

Having proper technical knowhow about your machine gives you a competitive edge in increasing your safety. In fact, less experienced boring machine users have been proven to be thrice as likely as their experienced peers to cause machine-related accidents. Therefore, only personnel with the right skills should be granted the green light to work with the boring mills.

Service your machines regularly

Regular repairing and servicing of your boring tools give them a precise way of delivering on your expectations. It also safeguards your company from technical breakdowns resulting from poorly maintained boring tools.

To experience complete safety when working with diverse horizontal boring mills or their attachments, please see our safety best practice on our website. 

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