Specialty Machines - WRF 150/160 Tilting Headstock

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Specialty Machines - WRF 150/160 Tilting Headstock

For machining of wind mill hubs, operation one and operation two can be mixed in the same machine without limitations. Ideal also for machining of bearing housings and bottom frames. Low investment that handles it all.

• No need for tilting table reduces the investment.

• No need for angular heads increses the reliability and reduces the investment.

• No need for extended height because of angular heads. Increses the rigidity and reduces the investment for the machine as well as for the building.







Execution and possible applications:

  • Tilting mechanism seated at a cross-bearing (loading capacity up to 400 t)
  • Hydraulic-mechanical stiffening of the tilting axis
  • Drive of the tilting mechanism via a ball screw and servo-motor
  • Direct measurement of the angle with a Heidenhain scale
  • Sliding surfaces GS Super for damping of impacts and vibrations between slides
  • Designed for the green energy industry - production of wind turbines

Technical data:

  • Tilting of the spindle axis 0° up to -8°
  • Ram out-travel (axis Z) 0 – 1000 mm
  • Spindle out-travel (axis W) 0 – 1000 mm
  • Spindle rpm (axis C) 10 – 3000 /min
  • Main motor output 37 – 60 kW
  • Spindle loading capacity up to 40 kN