Superb Accuracy with Horizontal Boring Equipment

Superb Accuracy with Horizontal Boring Equipment

Machine tools are essential for the progress of industry, and boring mills of various forms have been used for decades. Of course there have been significant advances that have achieved superb accuracy in terms of diameter and straightness. Horizontal boring produces an accurate internal cylindrical surface by advancing rotating single-point cutters horizontally into a stationary workpiece.

Horizontal boring machines are designed and precision-engineered to take on the most demanding industrial applications. This includes drilling, milling, threading, reaming and boring of weighty and large cast steel or the cast-iron work pieces.

Profitability Relies on Excellent Products

Boring mills are designed to handle heavy workpieces. FERMAT is a highly professional horizontal boring mill manufacturer, producing metal working and processing equipment in the Czech Republic. They supply and install their machines all over the world. Finding an experienced provider of this kind of horizontal boring equipment that never compromises on quality ensures the profit of your own business. You want a supplier of horizontal boring equipment who understands that your
profitability relies on excellent products and services. You want to be sure that your equipment corresponds to the latest technology on the market and fulfills the needs of the most demanding jobs, as well as allows efficient processing of large workpieces. All of these factors will ensure a smooth, efficient, and profitable production process.   

Go with Experience for Your own Benefit

If you are looking for high quality horizontal boring equipment (whether new or used), and with superb customer service as well as spare parts, why not put your trust in TOS America Inc, one of the most experienced providers of horizontal boring equipment. Work with experts whose mission is to surpass your expectations by simply providing the best products and services. 


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there is a part 1 and part 2 as well, for more info
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Liu, I see a bunch of blogs on their site that address your question
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What's the difference between horizontal and vertical mills?
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