Taking A Closer Look at Vertical Boring Mills to Get the Right Machine

Taking A Closer Look at Vertical Boring Mills to Get the Right Machine

Depending on the unique requirements of your industry, business, and products, you may require different types of boring mill to create the best products you can for your clients and customers. Though vertical boring mills are not quite as popular as their horizontal versions, there are a variety of applications where they are more practical machines to use. This is because they use a stationary cutting component coupled with a rotational horizontal table (horizontal counterpart mills typically work in the opposite way), and this makes them ideal for heavy duty projects with difficult diameter requirements – especially large cuts requiring high precision.


When looking for vertical boring mills, there are a number of qualities to pay attention to in order to find the right machine for your production line:


  • Type - Vertical boring machines are categorized into two types: the table and floor type. The table type is ideal for boring small-to-medium-sized holes, while the floor type is great for larger-sized holes.
  • Automation - Automation features are perfect for achieving higher levels of efficiency and accuracy for your bored parts. CNC vertical boring mills, for instance, create high precision cuts with identical size and shape each use.
  • Accessories - When it comes to performance boosting, having the right accessories and parts are very important. Make sure that your supplier has spare parts available even on short notice! This is especially critical when you need to be able to drill, cut, or mill flexibly and consistently for best results.


As a trusted company in supplying state-of-the-art vertical boring mills, TOS America is your dedicated partner in getting the best boring equipment you need. We are committed to making your industrial boring processes both easy and efficient with our CNC boring machines. Our mills are manufactured according to industry standards, ensuring you get the most out of your investment – contact us today to learn more!

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