Technologies Behind Boring Millsí Improved Productivity


Boring mills are very capable machines that can perform a plethora of processes like milling, boring, drilling, threading, and even creating prismatic components if they are equipped with the right accessories. These multitasking operations can now be done because of the numerous options and improvements made in techniques and technologies.


During the old days, the typical question to ask when looking for a boring mill is what size and weight of the biggest part can be machined. Today, there is a wider range of considerations to make and boring equipment are now more capable due to the following technological advancements:


CNC Control

The introduction of CNC technology has created more powerful processors. CNC computers and programs are very advanced, allowing the design and manufacture of more accurate tools, especially boring mills. They can produce parts much more quickly and precisely, eliminating rework. The CNC controls enable the boring milling machine to make even the most intricate part accurately and quickly. 

Tilting Spindle

New tilting spindles can enter the workpiece on an angle, which was not possible on a horizontal boring mill before. Specifically, the Tricell, a setup with three boring machines allowed three-sided and simultaneous machining of the hub with just a single operator. The positioning of the tilting ram and the rotary table enables the machine to work at different angles without the need to be affixed with angular heads.

On-machine Probing

This on-machine measurement offers great benefits such as reduced scrap rates and errors. Most errors can be immediately corrected right on the machine. Measuring a component on the mill’s bed will minimize accuracy errors and downtime in handling the part. 


It’s important that the programmer has a full understanding of the process and the ability to change speed, feed rate, and tools when necessary. Any crashes or breakdown of equipment this big can be catastrophic. DFM or design for manufacturability is equally important in creating parts on boring mills as on any other type of machinery. 


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