Technologies that Enhance Boring Mills Productivity

Technologies that Enhance Boring Mills Productivity


A lot of processes such as milling, boring, drilling, threading, and even making prismatic components are all possible when boring mills are equipped with the right accessories or attachments. This multitask machining operation can now be done due to the various options and improvements in procedures and techniques. Decades ago, the typical questions asked when purchasing a boring milling machine was just about the size and weight of the largest part that can be processed. However, today, you are faced with plenty of considerations to take as boring mills are now becoming more versatile as a result of- different technological advancements.


CNC Technology

The use of CNC powered machines and technologies have brought advancements in more powerful processors. This allows the design and manufacturing of more accurate tools and machines. The CNC controls enable the machine to produce intricate parts precisely and quickly. 


Tilting spindle

New and improved tilting spindles are specially created for manufacturing wind turbine hubs, which wasn’t previously possible and now allows the workpiece to enter on an angle. Take for instance the case of the Tricell, a machine setup with three boring mills, has allowed three-sided and simultaneous machining of the hub with just a single operator without the need to be affixed with angular heads.


On-machine probing and programming

The on-machine probing allows greater benefits for machinists and operators by reducing errors and scraps. Thanks to the portable and reliable laser scanner probing systems. They allow the measurement of a part on the bed of the boring mill itself, which minimizes downtime and errors when handling the workpiece. An early detected error can be corrected right on the spot. Add to this the higher capabilities that programming provides that enable programmers to fully understand the entire process and make necessary adjustments like feed rate, speed, and tools changeover.


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