Technology's Role in Improving Boring Mills

June 13, 2019

Boring mills were a great innovation introduced to manufacturing and industry back in the 18th century at the height of the Industrial Revolution. Since then, many more technologies have since become important parts of the manufacturing industry.


At TOS America, we have decades of experience in the industry and understand acutely the contributions of technology to our field. These technologies have resulted in improved techniques and procedures, boosting the productivity of TOS boring mills.


It used to be that the only consideration when buying a boring mill was the weight and size of the largest part that the machine could produce. But with new machines capable of boring, drilling, milling, threading and other applications, questions about what and how technology can be utilized should also be considered.

Here are 3 technologies that improve boring mill functionality:

1. Control Units

Improvements in CNC technology will continue to have a major impact on boring mills. The development of powerful processes mean better data flow, reduced processing times, and the capacity for larger programs to be designed. With CNC controlling all axes and peripheral tools, the machine’s movements are faster and more accurate, thereby leading to increased production and lowered production time.


2. Programming

Machine operation and programming go hand-in-hand, even if said machine is the relatively simple boring mill. The machinery is still large and comes with distinct manufacturing complications due to its size. Therefore, design for manufacturability (DFM) becomes crucial in the creation of parts. These days, the trend is to program the machine offline and then transmit the developed program to the equipment via a wireless network or LAN.


3. Linear Guideways

Roller linear guideways will also determine how productive boring mills can be. Enhancements done in this sector will allow machines to move faster and utilize less force to maneuver axes. With improved positioning accuracy, there's less energy expenditure. However, a proper foundation or pit might be necessary as new machines with linear guideways tend to be heavier.


Understanding machinery and technology is crucial in the application of boring mills. If you are looking for high-quality equipment backed up by superb customer service and knowledge of products, look no further than TOS America.