The Benefits of Vertical Boring Mills

October 23, 2018

Horizontal boring mills are typically known as the more popular boring milling equipment. However, vertical boring mills are just as important and offer a variety of benefits in the industrial boring and milling industry. Vertical milling equipment is capable of completing tasks that an industrial horizontal mill cannot.


Vertical mills are mainly for turning and boring large and heavy cylindrical materials. Be it wood or metal, an industrial vertical mill can use its non-rotary tools to bore larger holes on existing pre-drilled holes.


At TOS America, we proudly supply horizontal and vertical boring mills to a number of businesses in the industry!


Importance in Our Industry


Vertical boring mills are important machines in their industry. They are amazing for boring holes in materials in order to create tool tables, turbine casings, flanges for pipes, locomotive tires, and water turbine runners. These pieces are often used in creating metal blocks for turbines which are then used for electrical power generation and mechanical dams.


Some of the locomotives on our railways also use vertical boring machines in the manufacturing of the metal elements on their wheels. Vertical boring equipment is ideal for manufacturing projects that horizontal boring mills cannot handle. In fact, turbine casings could not be manufactured without the use of a vertical borer because turbines insist on having the perfect bore size to fit pistons inside the turbine blocks. A horizontal mill does not have the capacity to complete a project of this magnitude.


Often the demand of vertical boring equipment is underestimated. Their capacity to bore holes in any type of workpiece for dimensions that are exactly required makes them equally as important to horizontal boring mills.


Trusted Vertical Boring Mills Distributor


At TOS America, we are proud distributors of vertical and horizontal boring mills that are manufactured by FERMAT. FERMAT is widely known as the best manufacturers of world-class equipment and tools in Europe. Their products are used by worldwide industries.


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