Boring Mills: Efficiency And Quality

Boring Mills: Efficiency And Quality

We at TOS America Inc. are a proud provider of high quality boring mills and have been serving clients across the country for over twenty years. We understand the great importance of having the expertise regarding boring mills and its related operations to provide the best service possible.


If you’re in the industrial and manufacturing business, it’s important to understand boring mills and their different processes, functions, and types.


As a business that specializes in boring mills and equipment, it’s imperative that we have the expertise to service all of your industrial boring needs. At TOS America, we supply two types of quality boring equipment – horizontal and vertical boring mills.


The difference between horizontal and vertical boring mills is the physical orientation of how work-pieces are bored. Horizontal boring mills are commonly used in many industrial applications today, and we take great pride in supplying top-quality equipment from the FERMAT brand.


Our vertical boring mills, on the other hand, can carry much heavier work-pieces than its horizontal counterparts, which is why they are primarily used for pieces that are too heavy for horizontal boring mills.


Boring mills play a vital role in the industrial and manufacturing industry. Many structures, projects, and machines require the process of boring holes, which can easily and efficiently be done through the use of industrial boring mills. It is for this reason that boring mills are in such high demand due to the efficiency that they provide.


The numerous applications of boring mills require an excellent provider that will take care of all of your industrial boring needs.  We at TOS America have a remarkable track record in the manufacturing of various boring mill products. We strive to provide the very best boring mills for clients across the country, and take enormous pride in providing outstanding customer service to each and every one of our clients.

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