The FERMAT Difference When It Comes to Boring Milling Machines

The FERMAT Difference When It Comes to Boring Milling Machines

Well-manufactured boring equipment can effectively improve overall efficiency and quality of your daily operations. This is why when it comes to purchasing boring milling machines, it is essential to look for reliable manufacturers who offer the experience and skills necessary to provide a state-of-the-art solution that perfectly meets your needs.


It is for this reason that TOS America is a proud supplier of FERMAT boring milling machines.


FERMAT is a European-based manufacturer of horizontal boring and milling machines. FERMAT is known for manufacturing some of the most powerful boring milling machine equipment available on today’s market. Capable of seamlessly handling any milling and machining tasks on work pieces, regardless of size. Whether it’s milling, drilling, boring, or chamfering you can rest assured knowing FERMAT’s boring milling machines are fully capable of getting the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Today we’ll discuss a few of the FERMAT horizontal boring equipment models we carry and their corresponding material benefits. 



As the smallest horizontal boring machine offered by FERMAT, the table-type WFC 10 CNC horizontal boring machine is fully equipped with a 100mm spindle – making it suitable for smaller and medium-sized machining applications up to 3000 kg. This model is manufactured as FERMAT’s standard configuration that incorporates a fixed column, moving spindle, and crosswise adjustable rotary table.



WFT 13 CNC is a universal table-type boring machine suitable for streamlining the processing of extra-large and heavy work pieces while not undermining overall quality and precision in operation. Defined by its powerful headstock, high axial forces, and incredibly precise table, WFT 13 CNC is fully capable of meeting the demands of a diverse range of project needs.



WFT 15 CNC is representative of one of FERMAT’s newest types of table-type horizontal boring mills available. The WFT 15 CNC is define by its 150mm diameter live rigid spindle, and 1000mm spindle stroke components. Powered by its 51 kilowatt motor, this model is capable of reaching higher torque in comparison to other models.



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