The High Quality That FERMAT Boring Mills Provide

October 12, 2018

Boring mills are highly significant tools used by various industries that deal with the shaping and cutting of hard materials like metal. These industries require the process of industrial boring within their operations to manufacture parts for machines, equipment, and structures.


At TOS America, we pride ourselves in being an exclusive importer of top-quality boring mills from the renowned FERMAT brand!


FERMAT is a company based in the Czech Republic that manufactures industrial boring mills as well as milling and grinding machines. Being the exclusive Canadian importer of FERMAT equipment, we take immense pride in providing clients with their high-quality products across the country except Quebec. We also offer parts and accessories including refurbished systems to surely meet our clients’ needs.


This past September, FERMAT participated in the AMB tradeshow held in Stuttgart, Germany. The event showcased various machines and equipment made by some of the greatest companies in the world known for their crafts in manufacturing the best boring, grinding and milling machines.


This tradeshow is seen to be a very significant event for all manufacturers of boring mills because they were not only given the chance to showcase and sell their products to the world but also to take a step back and realize how far the industry has come in terms of technological innovation and quality.


The FERMAT brand produces the highest quality equipment and is now becoming the most sought-after brand in Canada for boring machines and equipment. This is due to their reliability, efficiency and high availability of parts and accessories which other companies are not properly equipped with.


At TOS America, we’d be happy to recommend parts and accessories that you need for your specific industrial boring application, so feel free to contact us anytime. Or visit our website to learn more about our company, services, and the products that we provide!