The Leading Experts of the Metalworking Industry Under One Roof - EMO Hannover

The Leading Experts of the Metalworking Industry Under One Roof - EMO Hannover

This week’s event by EMO Hannover proved, once again, that it is indeed the world’s premier trade show for the metalworking sector. It was held to bring manufacturers and users from all countries and segments of the industry into a place of technological innovation. EMO, which stands for Exposition Mondiale de la Machine-Outil (Machine Tool World Exposition), is run by CECIMO (European Association of the Machine Tool Industries). The event was done in three separate shows. Two shows were covered in Hannover, Germany and managed by VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), while the other one held in Milan, Italy was organized by UCIMU (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machine Tools).

The trade show exhibited a wide range of metalwork technologies, from machines and high-precision measuring tools to manufacturing systems and boring machinery such as horizontal boring equipment. Its unbeatable international character was evidenced by the fact that 60% of exhibitors came from outside Germany. They aligned their innovation cycles to the EMO trade show which resulted in more innovations being unveiled at the event than at any other trade show of the sector. This further made EMO Hannover a key reference to the long list of decision makers in the production technology industry.

Visitors who came from different countries have all the reasons to join the trade show. They also have every reason to visit FERMAT’s exemplary exhibition in Hall 13, C01. They are able to see and witness the most popular horizontal boring equipment from FERMAT.

These two machine versions displayed the most modern design and major enhancements for more efficient and better production:

1) table-type horizontal boring mill with a KUKA robot tool changer.

2) ingenious crosswise table-type horizontal boring mill with an automatic milling head. 

There were also other machine tools and accessories presented which can help improve any manufacturing business.

Both the exhibitors’ and visitors’ knowledge and expertise of the metalworking sector is unparalleled and owed to the potential of efficiency, productivity and innovation shown to them at the world-class event. Advancements in all types of production technology and systems were unfolded, particularly the state-of-the-art innovation of horizontal boring equipment manufactured by FERMAT Machinery. This is the main reason why EMO became so attractive and successfully drawn people to Hannover to join this historical event in the world of metalworks. It is due to the high quality of the boring mills supplied by FERMAT that TOS America took pride in distributing both the horizontal and vertical varieties. With our knowledge and expertise in this industry, we made their brand one of the most in-demand across Canada.   

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