The Many Hats of a Boring Mill for Metal Fabrication

The Many Hats of a Boring Mill for Metal Fabrication

Even for the untrained, it is apparent to assume that boring mills are designed for consecutively boring, drilling, and milling. However, with modern advancements in technology, the boring milling machines of today have a wider arsenal of applications at their disposal than simply cutting holes.


Modern day boring milling machines have allowed us to make great strides in the metal fabrication industry, especially for products such as gearboxes, impellers, crankshafts, etc.


For today’s article, let’s take a deeper dive into the suite of functions and operabilities that boring milling machines afford us in the metal fabrication industry so that our work can be done more efficiently.


As a Lathing Machine

A lathing machine, in order to give the product the desired cut and size, must be capable of removing metals from a workpiece; a function in which a boring mill can serve. Components capable of being manufactured from this lathing process are pieces such as screws, gun barrels, and crankshafts. For this to be achieved, the workpiece must be fitted securely in place by one or two centres, where one centre can then typically be allowed to move in a horizontal plane to accommodate a variety of workpiece lengths.


As a Turning Machine

Sometimes, work must be done on the external and internal surfaces of a workpiece – a process suitable for turning. This process is emulated on a boring mill through the use of a fixture; keeping the workpiece in place and rotating it at high velocity so that the cutting tool can seamlessly remove the unwanted material.


As a Reaming Machine

In addition to removing large quantities of metal from an internal surface, boring milling machines also polish and enlarge internal surfaces of a drilled or milled hole. The precision and accuracy of this process is utilized to impart smooth finishes to the sides of the hole.


As a Slotting Machine

A feature of more advanced boring milling machines is to accommodate the process of imparting various dimensions of slots and pockets unto standardized and anomalous geometric workpieces. Higher precision in this endeavor can be achieved through bed type horizontal boring mills with a CNC rotary table.


As a Grooving Machine

Sometimes, it is the cutter that requires rotating so that specific groove depths into the workpiece can be reached. The grooves you may be aware of in most pipes, typically made out of copper-nickel, steel, copper, aluminium, and stainless steel, are fashioned by the use of these multipurpose boring mill machines.


As a Contouring Machine

Another very practical operation of a boring milling machine is the creation of continuous curves a workpiece may require, this is referred to as contour milling - generally used to fashion highly intricate components for industrial applications, as well as artworks made from large metal blocks. Luckily, a well-equipped boring milling machine will be able to work within the extremely low tolerances required for this sort of work.


As a Threading Machine

The rotating milling cuter on a boring mill allows for the practice of threading. This has a number of benefits, including faster cycle times, less tool breakage, and yielding to right or left hand threads; these are especially useful for working on large, uncompromising and variably-shaped workpieces like a fire hydrant, where the cutter of a boring mill can rotate around the stationary workpiece to carry out the threading process.


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