The Specialty Use Of Vertical Boring Mills

The Specialty Use Of Vertical Boring Mills

With the wide array of applications of modern milling, there are also a lot of different types of milling machines. Some of them are intended to machine general workpieces but others are designed to perform specialized applications such as vertical boring mills. At TOS America, we have plenty of specialty boring milling machines to work on any type of custom parts. We use only the best equipment for your project, whether you need CNC vertical boring mills, turning machines, or other equipment. 


How a Vertical Boring Mill Works


When it comes to milling equipment, the words ‘vertical’ and ‘horizontal’ typically refers to how the spindle or cutting tool is being oriented or positioned in the machine. As the name suggests, the cutting head or the spindle of vertical boring machines is positioned vertically. With this kind of orientation, other parts of the machine are designed to move and shift along the axes to move the workpiece to ensure that it is in the right position during the boring operation. 


The biggest benefit of vertical boring mills is its ability to work with large metal workpieces. There are certain applications where vertical milling machines  are a lot simpler and less complex to use internally than their horizontal counterparts. This is because their spindle does not have to be geared to work in both directions. Sometimes depending on the project, they are more affordable than those that call for horizontal milling machines. 


Finally, they are the best option when it comes to projects that have to bore extremely large parts, plates, and other fabricated components. Vertical boring milling machines can provide the highest capabilities for this kind of machining.


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