The Three Major Machining Functions of Horizontal Boring Mills

The Three Major Machining Functions of Horizontal Boring Mills

Horizontal boring mills perform a number of key operations in industrial facilities. In essence, a boring mill is utilized to complete a pre-existing hole in the metal workpiece, whether it is vertical or horizontal boring mill. Its key function is to achieve three significant machining functions, namely: correct sizing, straightness, and concentricity of the part being bored. It is these elements that produce the best boring results.


In today’s blog, we will be going over the major machining functions or horizontal boring mills.


Correct sizing of the hole through the use of a boring mill must be performed when the inside diameter of the part does not come in a standard size. Fortunately, any diameter can be created by adjusting the boring equipment within the work envelope of the machine, which is typically larger than those of other kinds of machine tools. In addition, the straightness of the original hole is also guaranteed because the spindle can reach far into the cavity and the cutting tool can be moved straight along the measurements. Finally, concentricity is also assured between the internal and external parts of the workpiece.


How exactly is the boring process done? There is a misconception that horizontal boring mills are quite complicated in terms of their design and movement. However, its functions are actually quite simple and can be explained in straightforward terms. The spindle moves along the different axes of the machine, depending on how it’s being mounted. Moreover, the specific type of application also dictates the layout of the boring machine. For instance, horizontal boring mills can either be a bed-type, floor-type, or ram-type. Conversely, it is the particular shape of the part that determines what type of boring mill should be used.


Whenever you are looking for boring mills, you should consult with sales representatives to determine the right type of machine for your facility. For more information, call TOS America, Canada’s premier supplier of quality boring mills.


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