The Unique Characteristics of Vertical Boring Mills

The Unique Characteristics of Vertical Boring Mills

Vertical boring mills resemble a much larger version the conventional lather but with the turning point at the bottom of the structure. The three major components that are involved in this machine are:

·         Work piece

·         Horizontal table

·         Cutting tool

The cutting component of the mill is stationary while the horizontal table is rotational. It also has similar resemblance to the vertical turret lathe because of its two main tool heads. Depending on the size of the tool head that is fixed, the machine can bore holes as small as 30 cm in diameter up to holes up to one meter in diameter. There is a lot of versatility when it comes to size with this machine. These types of mills are used for heavy duty projects that may have a difficult diameter. All forms of cutting are done by single point tools.


Distinguishing characteristics of vertical boring mills

The work done by vertical boring mills demands heavier speeds and feeds. One unique characteristic of this type of boring mill is that it is equipped with a side hear. There is also no need for counter balance of any of the odd-shaped pieces that may be placed on the horizontal table.

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do you do the installation?
Posted by: J. Sanchez | December 15, 2016, 11:39 am
Great tip! Vertical and horizontal boring mills should always be industry standard!
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