The Unique Features and Capacities of Vertical Boring Mills

The Unique Features and Capacities of Vertical Boring Mills

 Machining large blocks and casting metal are tasks too heavy for a regular mill to handle. Vertical boring mills are designed to take on tougher jobs like these. Here is what your business needs to know about vertical boring machines.


What sets vertical boring mills apart from other boring machines:


One of the key advantages of using vertical boring mills is eliminating the need for huge amount of power to rotate a big block of steel and the related risks to workers.


The cuttings around the tool can also be easily cleared. Several variations can also be made depending on the model of the machine, using a vertical borer such as the vertical lathe.


With this type of machine, general operation is similar but the workpiece itself is the one being rotated instead of the cutting tool. Its application is ideal for smaller and lighter workpieces. A vertical boring machine can also be equipped with integrated spindle motors that can deliver great speeds, up to 40, 000 RPM. Some vertical boring mills are even constructed with belt-driven spindles which can deliver different machining results. Additionally, a vertical borer can come with tool-changers ranging from 10 pocket stations up to 200. A machine with more tool pockets reduces the need for manual intervention.


Given these unique characteristics and features a vertical boring mill is ideal for line boring in large machine tool casing and engine blocks, machining internal bearings in large castings, and finishing machining of cylindrical surfaces on very large workpieces. Despite the popularity of their horizontal counterparts, TOS America provides vertical boring mills, including models from FERMAT, to support all business applications. We provide a great selection of vertical mills and other boring solutions, all in the highest quality available. Our team of professional and friendly staff at TOS America will work closely with you to determine the most appropriate machine for your enterprise.

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