The Uses of Vertical Boring Mills

The Uses of Vertical Boring Mills

At TOS America, we’re an exclusive distributor of FERMAT boring mills, and we’re very proud of that. These high-precision horizontal and vertical boring mills offer the very best in industrial boring in the world, which is why we can assure you of its high quality. We at TOS America aim to provide quality solutions for all of your industrial boring needs.


With years of experience, we’ve become experts when it comes to boring mills – for both horizontal and vertical boring mills.


Vertical boring mills are a large type of industrial equipment that are used for boring holes vertically. It contains a rotating work-piece that is fastened to a table and is horizontal in shape. A cutting tool is then used to bore holes specific to the project. Vertical boring mills are often used for large-scale projects, since they are capable of handling larger and heavier work-pieces.


Here are some uses of vertical boring mills:

·         Various Industries – Vertical boring mills as well as horizontal boring mills are used in many industries. They are commonly used in the industries of construction, communications, shop building, chemical processing and machine manufacturing.

·         Repair Jobs – Most boring mills are used in all sorts of repair jobs. Whether the repair is all about a large valve or shaft, many repair jobs require the use of quality vertical boring mills or horizontal boring equipment. Repairs like this are common where replacement of the parts would be very expensive and impossible.

At TOS America, we have a wide selection of products to choose from including not just mills, but all necessary parts and accessories related to both horizontal and vertical boring mills. With a huge variety of different makes and models, we offer everything from boring equipment and accessories, to grinding machines and gantry mills. We at TOS America understand the value of customer service, which is why the satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority, so contact us today!

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