Tips For Working Safely With Horizontal Boring Mills

Tips For Working Safely With Horizontal Boring Mills

Horizontal boring mills have become an integral part in milling operations. Their design allows inherently greater flexibility with regards to what parts can be worked on. And advancements in horizontal boring mills have even trickled to their vertically placed brethren.

Industrial equipment must always be handled with care and with a mindfulness of one’s surroundings. A horizontal boring mill is a stationary device, but that has not stopped improper use of the machine from causing injury. Which is why horizontal boring mills may also require a stricter protocol on safe operation, to reduce risk of injury to operators and those in the vicinity, and damage to surrounding equipment.


Horizontal boring mills need to be handled with caution to avoid risk of injury or property damage.


Here are some problems that can arise and some precautions to be taken:

  • Entanglement – The possibility of entanglement at the rotating chuck and cutting tools presents a real and possible danger.
  • Trapping – Other moving parts in a horizontal boring mill, such as the rotating table, too can trap or crush things in the way.
  • CNC machines – CNC controlled horizontal boring mills are commonplace, but so is the risk that comes from their use. Being controlled by a computer, machine movement is out of the direct control of the operator, and unexpected machine movement can cause either of the two situations above to arise.


Mitigating risk of injury and property damage:

  • Risk assessment – Consider all operations which require access to horizontal boring mills. This includes interaction with the machine to swap out heads, maintenance and configuring the machine. Of course, risk during milling should be considered too.
  • Restriction of access – Access to dangerous parts of the machinery should be restricted to as few persons as required. Before anyone is permitted to access these areas of the machine, they must be educated on safe operating protocol and what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Enclosure – A fence or some locking mechanism can be employed to limit physical access to the machine and set a minimum safe distance for others in the vicinity. Spring loaded gates, for instance, will require a deliberate movement and will lessen the chance of someone straying into the enclosure accidentally.
  • Trip probe – Trip probes are unlikely to prevent injury, but have the potential to dramatically reduce its severity. However, the installation of trip probes varies from machine to machine and may not be practicable for reasons of normal operational contact or simply lack of a facility to mount effectively.

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