Top Quality Boring Milling Machines

 TOS America Inc. is the leading source of boring milling machines, proudly importing from FERMAT in the Czech Republic. Their boring machines are top of the line, made with ingenuity and industrious European design. TOS America Inc. provides a large selection of boring milling machines, spare parts, and the best customer service from a team of informed experts. You will get the highest quality machinery and service to match. Founded in 1997, TOS America Inc. is a company on the cutting edge of their industry and they know what it takes to get the job done right.

Boring Milling Machines are used the world over in all manners of industry. Their main purpose is to bore holes, and are implemented in a variety of ways due to the usefulness of this universally desired function. Boring milling machines can range in size and bulk; from heavy-duty industrial leviathans used to rough out large components to more compact models dedicated to high precision work. Whatever your need, TOS America Inc. can supply it. This knowledgeable company offers a large selection of boring milling machines and can access the best unit for the job. They answer any questions with proficiency and expertise.

Why choose TOS America Inc. for your boring milling machines? Because they pride themselves on housing the most sophisticated equipment in their modern facility. Their team is driven to import the best European boring mill technology, and have acquired years of experience and a passion for top of the line machining. This appetite to be leaders in their field is what makes TOS America Inc. the standout choice for boring milling machines. Their knowledge and expertise is simply unparalleled. Consistency over the years has garnered TOS America Inc. a glowing reputation based on the quality of their product and the dependability of their outstanding customer service. 

TOS has a great range of products, I am satisfied with their service.
Posted by: Kofi | November 14, 2016, 10:08 am
Do you fix the machines here or you have to ship them off to Europe?
Posted by: Guest | May 23, 2016, 4:41 pm
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