TOS America - Horizontal Boring Equipment

TOS America - Horizontal Boring Equipment

TOS America prides itself in offering a top of the line portfolio of the best horizontal boring equipment in the market today. We have a range of models available which can provide table style horizontal milling and boring. Custom manufactured and installed horizontal boring equipment assists in the daily operations of a company, improving both the quality and efficiency of the operations.


Here is some of our best performing horizontal boring equipment, ideal for any assembly or fabrication project:



  • WFC 10 CNC: This model from Fermat is a small table type horizontal boring mill that is able to drill a diameter of 4 inches or about 100 millimeters. The column is attached to a fixed base and the movement of the drill head is on the rotary table lengthwise and widthwise. The machine is built on a sliding guiding rail, for better control during the boring activity.


  •  WFT 13 CNC0: This is one of the most popular horizontal boring equipment available in the TOS America portfolio. This technologically advanced machine operates with tight parameters as well as many options for boring work. This horizontal boring equipment is designed on a ‘T’ floor plan, where a vertical column is the base with movable spindle and a transversal CNC rotary table. There is a rigid backbone for the boring action, allowing for greater power, allowing for machining materials weighing up to 20 tons.


  • ECO 130:  This is the largest machine in the TOS America horizontal boring equipment portfolio. The spindle diameter alone is more than five inches and can operate at 3000 RPM. The spindle is operated via CNC and can handle any sort of boring project.


With TOS America’s horizontal boring equipment, your enterprise can count on expertise and quality. We can deliver and install vertical or horizontal boring equipment in any installation. Contact us today to learn more.


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