Types of Boring Mills and their Advantages

Types of Boring Mills and their Advantages

Boring mills are an integral part of various industries. The primary purpose of these mills is to enlarge holes in workpieces using a single-point cutting tool. They are also used for the drilling and cutting of workpieces. The capacity of these mills to roughen or polish internal surfaces is unmatched. Real estate construction, metal fabrication, aerospace, and automotive are major industries where milling machines are extensively used. There are different types of boring mills available in the market and you can choose the one that best works for your business based on your requirements. We at TOS America Inc. can help you make the right choice for your project. 

Types of Boring Mills
Vertical and horizontal are the two types of boring machinery used across industries. The significant difference among both is that, in the vertical mill, the workpiece moves, while the tool is stationary. Whereas in the horizontal mill, the tool moves within the stationary workpiece to enlarge already existing holes.


The two types of boring can be further classified as follows.
Vertical mills

  • Standard vertical boring mill
  • Vertical turret lathes
  • Vertical precision boring machines


Horizontal mills

  • Floor type
  • Planer type
  • Multiple head type


Advantages of Vertical Mills

  • Ideal for large scale industrial operations
  • Vertical mills can be used for boring in upward and downward direction
  • High level of precision can be achieved with relative ease using vertical mills
  • Lower risk of tool deflection
  • Greater accuracy since the workpiece is attached to the machine


Advantages of Horizontal Mills

  • Ability to create larger machined parts
  • Can be used for roughing out large components
  • Offers higher accuracy
  • Can reach smaller cavities in a workpiece with relative ease
  • Horizontal boring mills are more versatile as they can perform drilling, milling, shaping, and facing along with boring


If you are looking for top-notch industrial-grade boring mills, you can rely on TOS America Inc. We import vertical and horizontal FERMAT mills. Contact us now to learn about everything we can achieve with you.


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