Understanding the Different Types of Boring Milling Machines

Understanding the Different Types of Boring Milling Machines


Boring milling machines are used to cut the inside of a preexisting hole (bore) in order to enlarge the diameter. They are designed to make a bore in the shortest possible time and to produce precision and quality surface finishes.

Boring Machine Design

These machines are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. The power needed to operate these machines can reach up to 200 horsepower. Boring milling machines are designed with certain considerations in mind.

Types of Boring Milling Machines and Their Uses

Boring machines can be general-purpose, but there are many boring machines that are specialized to accomplish other specified tasks. Here are a few types of boring machines available:

  •       Cylinder Boring Machines: This equipment is typically used to bore the small engine cylinders of cars. Cylinders are the central part of piston engines in cars, thus it is important for high precision manufacturing from a cylinder boring machine.

  •        Tunnel Boring Machines: As the name implies, this machinery is capable of making a smooth tunnel wall in a variety of soil and rock. Tunnel boring machines can drill a hole in most natural surfaces, like a mountain or hard rock. These machines are also known under the moniker “mole”.
  •        Horizontal Boring Machines: The most common mills used in the industry today. These mills offer safety and easier use than other mills on the market. Horizontal boring mills are known for being energy and time efficient. They can improve the quality of your business drastically.
  •        Vertical Boring Machines: This machine is engineered for larger uniquely shaped surfaces. Although not as popular as a horizontal boring machine, their specific uses in completing tasks offer many advantages, their flexibility as an example.


Boring milling machines come in different styles and are used in a variety of different projects. At TOS America, we can make sure you choose one of our machines that are ideal for your company. Our company specializes in horizontal boring equipment, as well as vertical boring mills. Our expert staff can assist you in finding the best suited machine for your next project. Call or email us today with any questions about our products or services.

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