Uses of horizontal boring equipment

 The horizontal boring equipment is a simple and reliable machine with high cutting ability. The machine has various groups that include the headstock, frames and rotary table. Horizontal boring equipment is machine that is capable of performing multiple operations from different kinds of machines. It can perform drilling, milling, tapping, reaming, shaping and contouring.  These characteristics incorporated in one machine will save any company time and money.

Drilling is a cutting process done on solid materials to increase the size of a hole with a circular cross-section. The holes have a sharp edge on their front side and burrs on their backside. The inside part have marks that are helix shaped. Drilling can be of different types, namely; centre, deep hole, micro drilling and trepanning

Milling is a process where a material is removed at an angle with the axis of the tool. It involves machining parts to precise sizes and shapes. Multiple separate small cuts are done at the end corners of the cutter to make flat-bottomed cavities, and peripheral milling is done at the circumference of the cutter so that the milled surface acquires the intended shape of the cutter.

Horizontal boring equipment is also used in reaming. Reaming is a process where a hole is enlarged accurately to leave smooth sides. This enhances a long life and toughness of the holes. A reamer is used in the reaming process. Different types of reamers can be used, including the adjustable hand reamer. They are used according to the various variables of the surface being bored.

The contouring use of the horizontal boring equipment emphasizes on the shape of the surface being bored. It ensures the achievement of the accurate shape required. Tos America Inc manufactures horizontal boring equipments with a high degree of precision to ensure performance and durability. 

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