Various Parts of a Horizontal Boring Equipment

Various Parts of a Horizontal Boring Equipment

As the name suggests, a boring machine is used for boring holes on a workpiece. It is an unavoidable component in the field of mechanics. Boring machines can be used to bore holes of any size as per the requirement. High-quality sharp blades known as boring heads are used to create holes in raw materials like metals, alloys, plastic etc.

Boring machines are categorized into vertical boring machines and horizontal boring machines on the basis of their installation and configuration pattern. Both these machines serve different purposes and are comprised of different parts and components. Let's check out various parts of horizontal boring equipment.

Various Parts of a Horizontal Boring Equipment

The table provides a sturdy base for the boring machine to function smoothly. It also holds different parts of the horizontal boring equipment together.
A bed is basically the support of the machinery. It is made of cast iron and is usually affixed to the ground to support the table and the column.
The main purpose of the column is to provide support to the upward and downward moving headstock through the sideways. The column is made of cast iron and placed on the bed.
Headstock holds the operation tool. It is mounted on the support of the column and moves in an upward and downward direction. A headstock helps the machine operator set the tool to the required height.
The saddle is responsible for facilitating the movement of the work item in longitudinal motion. The saddle also controls the speed of the movement.
Boring bars:
Boring bars are used to hold the boring tools. Tools like spindle, cutter or column are attached to the boring bar before beginning the boring process.
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