TOS America is an experienced Canadian importer of vertical boring mills committed to availing the widest variety of boring equipment, tools, machines and their accessories at the most friendly rates. Through this, exclusive importation of TOS Boring Mills, the vertical boring mills and other FERMAT Machinery and equipment is done. Among the commonest selections of FERMAT horizontal boring mills are WRFT 130/150/160 CNC and WFT 13 CNC. However, of all these, the most advanced and the easiest to use is the WRFT 130/150/160 CNC. This is among the manufacturer’s latest in technology and has an ultra-modern design and still the greatest boring development the market has seen. It’s additionally coupled with a powerful headstock consisting of a movable V-axis slide ram and an additional movable W-axis live spindle.  More over, the mill also offers universal boring solutions while allowing a high level of efficiency when processing a large and heavy work load. The machine is also best suited where a high degree of precision is required and it offers an excellent performance in creating precision holes.

In choosing your vertical boring mills, make sure to pick the right product that will surely address you boring services and need. It is not effective to use one vertical boring type for all boring needs because every requirement has a specific solution. Vertical boring will surely provide a variety of mill that will perfectly meet your specific vertical boring requirement. In their aim in catering their customer's needs, manufacturing companies that produces vertical boring developed a specified mill for your different needs. Pus vertical boring are way more affordable than any other bonding agent. It comes in different rates depending on its category but one thing is for sure, vertical boring will surely deliver quality products without going your budget. Quality and dependable products should be within customer's reach. 


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