Vertical Boring Mills 101: Their Basic Functions and Uses

Vertical Boring Mills 101: Their Basic Functions and Uses

Vertical boring mills are a specialized type of industrial machinery used for specific functions or tasks. This product is often large in size and uses a rotating piece attached to a horizontal table. The borer is able to travel upwards or downwards depending on the operator. The item that needs to be worked on is attached to the machine, allowing the task to be performed accurately and precisely.

There is a single point cutting tool which is attached to a rotor. With this set up, the tool is secure while the item that needs to be worked on is mobile. Nowadays, vertical boring mills are often attached to the floor or a table, and possess specific components.  These components include a bed, which houses the rotor. There is also the cross rail, which balances the work piece against the motion of the rotor. Then there is the tool head, where this item is attached and is in direct contact with the item that needs to be bored. Other parts of this machine include the rams. These make the machines balanced, vertically maneuverable, and therefore the cutting tool can be applied onto the item.

Vertical boring mills are often used for large scale industrial operations.

These include casting steam engine turbines, locomotive wheels and other metal works that need specific adjustments or modifications. These mills are also one of the main workbenches for manufacturing machine tool tables. 

As previously stated, there is nothing simple about the workings of vertical boring mills. There are various parts to vertical boring mills, each with a specific function to assist the whole operation. Therefore, it is important to identify your project before assigning the appropriate boring mill for the task. At TOS America, we can help guide you through this process and provide you with quality vertical boring mills. We provide a wide selection and range of options of vertical boring mills. Contact us today for more information about these products and our services. 

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