Vertical Boring Mills And Their Uses

Vertical Boring Mills And Their Uses

Given the availability of numerous machines, there are also various machining processes to utilize. Through the use of vertical boring mills, vertical boring is a process wherein work-pieces are clamped to a bed, and a tool is rotated to create cylindrical, internal features on the work-piece. The cylindrical surface to be produced is oriented in a vertical direction while the machining tool is fed down into the piece.


Vertical boring mills are ideal for applications such as line boring of large engine blocks and machining massive work-pieces.


Carrying out boring operations in a vertical position offers great benefits. It’s easier to clear cuttings from around the cutting tool. Another key advantage is eliminating the need for a tremendous amount of power to rotate huge and heavy blocks of iron or steel and the associated dangers of doing so. There are also different variations of vertical boring mills to consider.


A vertical lathe is a popular mill type where the work-piece is rotated rather than the cutting tool. Though the operation is similar, the application that uses this machine type is for smaller and lighter work-pieces only. While vertical boring mills are rarely equipped with multiple turning tools, there are some cases where they are used to increase production.


A special tool-holder can be slotted to receive different tools which are used for the boring and turning processes. The plate is then fastened over one end of the tool-holder and the filler-block gives additional strength. The upper end engages the right-hand ram and acts as a driver, while the left-hand head that contains the tool-post supports the tool used for facing while the others are used for turning.


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